Snow leopards peacefully co-exist with local herdsmen in Tibet

According to the Bureau of Forestry and Pasture Affairs of Gerze County in Ngari, Tibet Autonomous Region, on May 19, another snow leopard who entered local herdsmen’s home for sheep was released to the wild. Since 2019 began, there have been over 20 such kind of cases reported.

Snow leopards are a first class nationally protected animal in China. China is one of the 12 countries where snow leopards could be found, accounting for over 50% of the habitat suitable for the animal and their communities.

In recent years, snow leopards have had a bigger activity area in the region, with some locations showing their traces for the first time, and leading to more incidents that snow leopards have eaten local livestock.

In Nyima County of Nagqu City, cases of snow leopards accidentally entering local herdsmen’s homes have had also been reported. Even when snow leopards have entered the sheepfolds, the local herdsmen would not hurt them. Instead, they would contact local authorities. And professional insurance agencies would pay them for their losses.