Images of three snow leopards captured in Qinghai

On May 23, during the fifth monitoring of snow leopards at the Qinghai part of the Qilian Mountain National Park, three snow leopards were found inside Suli Township, part of Tianjun County in Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in northwest China’s Qinghai Province.

"Snow leopards, snow leopards!" Zhou Faliang, an employee of the Qinghai Bureau of Management of Qilian Mountain National Park, shouted as he noticed a snow leopard walking across the ice with its tail dragging. His colleagues quickly took photos of the snow leopard.

After checking the photos, they realized there were three snow leopards walking toward the hill, which were a grown female snow leopard followed by two baby snow leopards.

It is reported that Suli Township has a large habitat area for snow leopards, where healthy and stable groups of snow leopards roam.