Water from Tanggula Mountain Range comes out of Tibet

In the past few days, the first 25-ton shipment of water from southwest China's Tibet was shipped out from the Namtso Natural Drinking Water Plant. Industrial development in Damshung County has taken a new step thanks to the Namtso Natural Drinking Water Plant, which not only drives employment of local villagers, but also promotes increased incomes. It also spreads the water brand "Namtso Chongmo".

The natural drinking water of "Namtso Chongmo" originates from the Nyanqing Tanggula Mountain Range at an altitude of more than 7,117 meters above sea level. After the pure glacier melts naturally, it penetrates into a volcanic rock formation 480 meters below the surface, then merges with the Namtso groundwater at an altitude of 4,717 meters. After thousands of years, the cold spring water formed by natural eruption becomes a rare, natural gas-bearing water source, which is rich in strontium, potassium, magnesium, and other elements. The PH level is weak alkaline according to official measurements,

The water source of the Namtso Natural Drinking Water Plant is located in Damshung County. The company has introduced two world-leading French production lines that have an annual output of 300,000 tons. The project was completed and put into operation on May 30, 2018, and the economic effect is estimated to be around 10 million yuan (1.45 million US dollars), which will drive 112 impoverished households with 297 people to increase their per capita incomes by 1,000 to 1,500 yuan (144.6 to 216.8 US dollars) per year.