Qinghai’s Dachaidan Wusute Water Yadan Geological Park officially opens

Qinghai’s Dachaidan Wusute Water Yadan Geological Park has been officially opened to the public since June 23.

Located in Qinghai’s Qaidam Basin, Dachaidan Wusute Water Yadan Geological Park is close to No. 315 national highway.

As a key part of Xining-Chaka Salt Lake-Water Yadan landform-Dunhuang-Jiayuguan-Zhangye travel line, the park is 340km away from Qinghai’s Delingha City in the east, 310km away from Golmud City in the south and 500km away from Gansu’s Dunhuang.

Covering an area of 60 square kilometers, the park has many gorgeous landscapes, like Yadan landform reflecting in the water, flocks of aquatic birds, and wild ducks chasing and playing against the azure sky.

According to Zhang Rong, head of the park, the park started its construction in 2016 and its infrastructure has almost been completed. Besides hotel, RV campground and Mongolian yurts are also available there.

On the day of the opening, tourists from across the country came to visit the park.

Li Xiahui, a tourist from Gansu’s Dunhuang City said, “We especially came from Dunhuang to Dachaidan to see the nature’s fabulous creations. The Yadan landform here is quite different from that of Dunhuang. Local Yadan landform together with the lakes renders a magnificent and imposing setting.”

The Water Yadan Geological Park’s opening is a complementary impetus with Chaka Salt Lake for Haixi’s as well as Qinghai’s tourism development.