Beautiful Autumn scenery in Lhunzhub, Lhasa

Fall has arrived; Lhunzhub County in Lhasa is now wearing the stunning colors of the season. The traditional Tibetan houses, the golden foliage, the green Lhasa River... are all part of the beautiful scenery. In order to promote tourism in the area, the Tourism Bureau of Lhunzhub County has launched one-day tour to visitors.


According to Pasang Yondan, the Chief of the Tourism Bureau of Lhunzhub County, Lhunzhub is like Lhasa’s back garden. With its wide expanse of nature conservation districts, a variety of wildlife, including black-necked cranes, bar-headed geese, ruddy shelducks, and more, could be seen migrating to the area in Fall and Winter seasons. On this tour, visitors could photograph the natural scenery, as well as see groups of wildlife frolicking in the fields and around the water. At the same time, visitors could learn about stories on the "educated" youth who came from all over China to cultivate and farm here in the 1970s.