Visit of world's first Tibetan-language search engine breaks 300 million

It is reported that Yongzin, the world's first Tibetan-language online search engine, has seen more than 300 million visits, with an average of 3 million visitors daily.

Yongzin was started in April 2013 and was launched in August 2016.

Tseluo, who is responsible for the development of Yongzin, said that the search engine's current  search product covers news, web pages, videos, music, and photo searches and includes a Tibetan-language encyclopedia, library, and Q&A knowledge sharing platform, and the system's database has recorded data from 38 categories including Tibetan history, literature, religion, medicine, nature, and various dictionaries.

Before the Yongzin began operating, there was no Tibetan-language search function in any of China's major search engines. Foreign search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft's Bing only supported simple searches in Tibetan.

"Domestic Chinese internet users who visit Yongzin are mainly concentrated in northwest China's Qinghai, Gansu Province and southwest China's Tibet, Sichuan, and Yunnan," Tseluo said.

Overseas  users have come from more than 70 counties and regions including the United States, Switzerland, France, Canada, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Bhutan.