World's 1st Tibetan-language search engine gains over 80 million site visits

A person in charge revealed that as of now, the world's first Tibetan-language search engine, Yongzin, has gained over 80 million site visits.

"Yongzin" refers to "master" or "teacher" in Tibetan, and mean "granting whatever is requested" or "answering whatever is asked".

Work on the search engine began in April 2013, and Yongzin was officially launched in August 2016. It covers news, web pages, videos, music, and photo search, and has a Tibetan encyclopedia, library, and public opinion monitoring system.

In addition to users in China's 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, it also has users from India, the U.S. and 44 other countries and regions. The total amount of resources in the database is 5T.

Tselo, the person in charge of search engine said that before the Yongzin was operated, domestic search engines such as Baidu and Sogou did not have Tibetan search functions, and foreign search engines only supported search in simple Tibetan language. In the past year it has been available, Yongzin has become an integrated entrance to all major Tibetan websites in China as well as the main resource center for Tibetan information on the Internet. There have been 80 million site visits thus far, 80 percent of which have come via the search engine's APP.