Ticket price of attractions in Tibet lowers as off-season comes

Attractions in southwest China's Tibet have lowered the price as the tourism off-season comes in November and guesthouses whether large or small also launched promotions.

Compared with the peak season, ticket price to visit scenic sites has reduced dramatically. For example, the Potala Palace has lowered the ticket price from 200 yuan (30 UD dollars) during peak season to now 100 yuan (15 US dollars), and you don't need to make an appointment ahead of time, you can purchase your tickets and visit the Potala Palace in the same day. In addition, ticket price to the Mountain Qomolangma Base Camp has been halved to 90 yuan (13.5 US dollars) from 180 yuan (27 US dollars).

There are currently ample train tickets available for entering and exiting Tibet. You can purchase them one week in advance for trains from Lhasa to Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou.

And as long as you choose your travel date, you can buy airline tickets at highly discounted rate just one or two days in advance.