Tibet's major economic growth indicators rank first in the country

Five of the seven major economic growth indicators of Tibet in the first quarter rank first in the country, approved by the National Bureau of Statistics, according to information from the region's meeting of economic operation analysis.

To be specific, the above five indicators ranking first in the country are in the following areas: Tibet's GDP grew by 11%, 4.1% higher than the national level; Total retail sales of consumer goods rose by 14.6%; Per capita disposable income of rural and urban residents increased by 14.3% and 9% respectively; and industrial added value increased by 14.2%.

Especially to deserve to be mentioned is that during the first quarter Tibet received more than 710,000 domestic and foreign tourists, which is a 27% year-on-year increase. Also, tourism income reached as high as 858 million Yuan (124 million US dollars), a year-on-year increase of 27.3%.

In 2017, Tibet will continue to optimize tourism industry, improve infrastructure and service quality in scenic spots, striving to achieve an annual intake of 25 million domestic and foreign tourists and producing 37 billion Yuan (5 billion US dollars) in tourism income.