Happy New Home


Tibetans throw zanba, traditional roasted flour, during a customary event to pray for a good harvest in Xigaze, the Tibet autonomous region, Feb 22, 2016.[Photo by Li Zhong/China Daily]

In a village in Xigaze, Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, Wangdron, prepared "gutu," doughy meat porridge, for a special dinner to celebrate the local New Year, which coincides with Spring Festival.

"We had a joyful New Year and will work hard to ensure a more prosperous life," said the Tibetan woman, who is head of the village.

The villagers moved here in 2003 as part of a poverty reduction program. Last year, 14 out of 21 underprivileged households in the village shook off poverty thanks to job opportunities brought by construction projects.

"Our lives are much better than before," said Wangdron, who has plans for a Tibetan handicraft factory and green houses. She was confident that the remaining seven families will be lifted out of poverty this year.