Lhasa ready for New Year festivities

With the upcoming Lunar New Year and Tibetan New Year, holiday ambiance is everywhere in Lhasa. Every shop is decorated with big red lanterns and Chinese knots.  

Many shops feature lanterns, doorway couplets, "Luck (Fu)" characters and window decals with Chinese zodiac signs.

Products with these images are displayed prominently to attract customers. "We got a lot of decorations with a rooster theme this year.

The smaller ones are for hanging in the house, sticking on the fridge, etc., the bigger stuffed animals are usually bought by grownups for kids and the kids love them," said one shopkeeper. 

A local resident Ms. Wang purchased two couplets. "I grew up with my paternal grandparents. I have a deep impression that my grandfather wrote the banners every New Year. I bought the couplets and will show my son how the older generation celebrated the New Year and teach him such kind of traditions," she said.

She also chose several "Luck" characters and said, "We always decorate with the Luck character every New Year, it is our way to show our hope for the future."   

Droma, a Lhasa resident, has picked out several holiday decorations. "Lanterns, Chinese knots, the Luck character and Spring Festival couplets are all essential. The red lanterns are hung on the doorway, with the couplets on the sides and the Luck character on the door. The Chinese knots go in the living room and the smaller Luck character paper decals go on the windows. This is how a home is supposed to look for the New Year."