Tibet's broadband users up 50%

LHASA - The number of broadband users in Southwest China's Tibet increased by 50 percent in 2016 to reach 383,000 from 255,000 in 2015.

At the end of last year, broadband reached 44 percent of Tibet's families, according to Tibet Regional Telecommunications Bureau on Thursday.

The region hopes for a further increase in broadband users to ensure more than 50 percent of households have access, this year.

Broadband covers 84 percent of villages in Tibet since the service expand into 200 new villages last year.

Tibet has 1.74 million mobile internet users, more than half of its population.

"Phone and internet services have improved links between the region and the rest of China and the world, boosting 'internet plus" applications'," said Chochi, head of the bureau.

The telecommunications network has become vital to remote villages and improved local people's lives.

In Coqen County in western Tibet, many villagers have opened e-commerce shops since cable reached their houses. The county has nine e-commerce stations for sale of local products.