Tibet to apply for 35 geographical indication protection products

According to the Tibetan Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, this year, Tibet's 8 geographical indication protection products have passed the formal examination of AQSIQ (State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine) and the technical review meeting will be held recently. The 8 geographical indication protection products are Damxung yak, Lhozhag bean vermicelli, Lhorong zanba, Nyingchi walnut, Nyingchi honey, saffron crocus, and Zayul ragimillet.

So far, there are 28 geographical indication protection products in total in Tibet, which play an important role in promoting the development of characteristic industries, cultivating featured brands, and speeding up the transformation of resources advantages into economic advantages. During the 13th Five Year Plan, Tibet will apply for 35 geographical indication protection products.

With the title of geographical indication protection products, Tibet's local products such as Nagqu cordyceps sinensis, Tibetan medicine, Nyingchi Tibetan pig, Nyemo Tibetan incense, Medog stone pot, Nyingchi tricholoma matsutake and so on, begin to appear on the world market. In addition, it can enhance the market competitiveness and the price level at home and abroad, improve these products' added value and reputation, lead local people to get rich, and promote the rapid development of regional characteristic industry.