Tax revenue in Ngari of Tibet exceeds 300 mln yuan

Until November 8th, the State Tax Bureau of Ngari Prefecture has accomplished tax revenue 304 million yuan, setting a record high, up 44 percent year-on-year, increasing 92.5 million yuan, according to the State Tax Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region. 


The tax revenue of Ngari's construction industry reached 153 million yuan, up 48 percent year on year, with the increase of 49.4 million yuan and 53 percent contribution rate to the total growth, which impacted by the positive factors such as the intensifying investment of local infrastructure construction, the increasing growth of fixed asset investment volume and the intensively putting in place of the funds etc, according to the analysis.   

In addition, benefiting from lucidity of the local investment-attraction policies, as well as tax-deduction policy for the local part of the business income tax, there are more outside enterprises, especially investment entities in Ngari.

Ngari’s tax income from the wholesale and retail trade was 86.95 million yuan, a growth of 53 percent year on year, and an increase of 30.14 million yuan, contributing 33 percent to the total growth in tax revenue.