Tibet's Ngari completes ten meteorological stations

Eight regional meteorological stations and two for site selection of the Purang branch airport were established in Ngari, Tibet. 

Currently, meteorological stations have succeeded in data transmission and are running stably.    

The ten meteorological stations include: Mayum station in Purang County, the two traffic meteorology stations in Quanshui Lake of Rutog County, the two tourism meteorology stations in Taerqin,  Purang County and the Ruins of Zanda Guge Kingdom, Zanda County, four stations in Diyah township, Zanda County, Tungru in Rutog County, Yagra in Gegye County, and Gyangrang in Tsochen County, all of which are in areas with frequent weather disasters, as well as two meteorological stations for selecting site for the Purang airport.   

The Meteorological Bureau of Ngari launched the program in November 2015.

The ten meteorological stations will help make up for the serious deficiencies and provide service for traffic, tourism as well as areas prone to weather disasters, further improving the meteorology’s capability for early warning as well as disasters prevention and reduction.