"Hand-in-Hand" Chinese and Tibetan students summer camp starts

On July 17th, 240 Chinese and Tibetan teens joined the "Hand-in-Hand" Chinese and Tibetan students summer camp in Chengdu, Sichuan. The students are from Zigong, Panzhihua, Suining, Ziyang, Aba and Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.

The summer camp is a public interest event for Chinese and Tibetan students. The camp's theme of "Ecological Development & Healthy Growth" is designed for building students' understanding and awareness of ecological development concept, experiencing ecological development achievement, and practicing ecological development. Via entertainment, learning, and growing together, the students also learn about ethnic unity and national cohesion.

At the camp's opening ceremony, the Chinese and Tibetan students presented excellent art performances. In the next four days, the campers will listen to reports on ecological development, take part in character-building outdoor training, hand-in-hand poetry competitions, and visit the Museum of Sichuan Province.

A Tibetan student representative is giving a speech at the opening ceremony. [Photo/newssc.org]

Tibetan students are performing at the opening ceremony. [Photo/newssc.org]