Tips for travelling Kangding in April

As a county of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Kangding is a place of high altitude. In April, temperature is still relatively low. Here are some tips for you to travel Kangding.

1. Keep warm. Daily temperature swings are dramatic. So please wear soft thermal clothing, gloves and shoes to safeguard your walking on ice and facilitate mountain-climbing. Also, you should have enough spare clothes.

2. Protect your skin. Use oily skincare products to prevent pachulosis and chaps.

3. Protect your eyes. Prepare sunglasses to prevent eye injury caused by reflected sunlight from snows.

4. Be aware of risks of slips. When walking on ice, you should slightly bend your knees and lean forward to lower your risks of slips.

5. No smoking. Climbers and skiers should keep it in mind that smoking is strictly prohibited in forests.

6. Protect yourself from sunshine. Excessive exposure to sunshine, especially ultraviolet light, is harmful to your health. Don’t forget to apply some sun cream.

7. Choose a route of gradual rise in altitude. You’d better go to a low-altitude place at first, then a middle-altitude place, and a high-altitude place at last. In this way, you can better adapt to changes of altitude.

8. Watch out your diet. Drink water and eat vegetables. Keep away from alcohol and tobaccos.