Self-driving Tips for Jiaju Tibetan Village

For visitors choosing self-driving, there are two routes to go to Rongchag:

① Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Yingxiu – Wolong – Rilong Town – Xiaojin – Rongchag, with the whole journey of 380km;

② Chengdu – Ya’an – G318 National Road – Luding – Wasigou –Rongchag, with the whole journey of 450km;

Located at Rongchag, Garze, Sichuan Province, Jiaju Tibetan Village is about 8km away from the downtown and has an area about 5km2.

In the village, there are about 140 households of Gyarong Tibetan. The village cascades from the hillsides of the Kapama Mountains down to the bottom of the Dajin River.

When you take a broad view, you can see Kapama Mountain is just like a mother opening her wide and tender bosom and embracing peaceful village