POWERCHINA subsidiary completes two wind farms in Qinghai

Two wind farm projects located in Qinghai province's Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture and Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, which were undertaken by Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co Ltd, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA, have realized power generation before the National Day holiday.

The wind farm in Hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture installed a total of 38 wind turbines with a single capacity of 2.65 MW, making the total installed capacity reach 100 MW. The other wind farm in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture has an installed capacity of 130 MW, with 52 wind turbines with a single capacity of 2.5 MW.

The construction units of the two wind farms conducted several special discussions, refined the system startup plan, formulated emergency contingency plans, as well as divided the areas and responsibilities of all personnel to ensure that the wind turbines would be put into production and realize power generation as scheduled.