Exquisite Thangka paintings displayed in S. China

On August, 20, a Thangka painting exhibition was held in Nanning Museum, South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. A total of 52 pieces of Thangka paintings of Manthang painting school and a piece of Tibetan calligraphy work were displayed, attracting local people of Zhuang ethnic group to learn about the charm of Tibetan culture and art.


A Tibetan artist is writing in Tibetan calligraphy.


Visitors are appreciating the Thangka works.

In 2006, Thangka art was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Thangka art has many schools, in which the Manthang painting school was founded by Dondrup Gyatso, which is also called Old Manthang Scholl in order to be different from the New Manthang School founded by Choying Gyatso.

The exhibition is divided into four parts, introducing the origin, development, painting process and inheritance of Thangka art.

All the works displayed are painted by teachers and students in Dorje Ten Ethnic Vocational and Technical School in Qinghai province. Thangka painting is one of the intangible cultural heritage majors opened in the school. It is said that a student needs nearly a dozen of years’ studying before they can finish a piece of exquisite painting alone.


A visitors is taking photo of the Thangka works.