Graduation exhibition of thangka inheritor training course opens


The graduation exhibition of the 5th popularization training course for thangka inheritors. [Photo/Lhasa Evening Paper]

On December 3, the graduation exhibition marking the conclusion of the 5th popularization training course for thangka inheritors opened at the Tibet Autonomous Region Mass Art Center.

It is reported that a total of 60 trainees participated in the training course, and the graduation exhibition includes 120 works made by the students.

The exhibition includes works from different thangka schools, including Chiwugamba, Miantang, Khentse, Karma Karchi, and Miansa. With exquisite lines, well-drawn figures, and lifelike plants, birds, and animals, the thangka paintings on display attracted many visitors.

"We are holding this exhibition because we hope to show the results of the popularization training course for thangka inheritors and to build a bridge between traditional craftsmanship and public life. We also hope to bring modern design into traditional craftsmanship and bring traditional craftsmanship into modern life. In this way, thangka painting skills can be inherited, protected, and developed more effectively," said Sambo, the deputy director of the Tibet Autonomous Region's Department of Culture.