Qinghai-Tibet Plateau human genetic resources database starts construction

The construction of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau human genetic resources sample database was launched on April 12 in Xining, capital city of northwest China's Qinghai.

As a key national project, the construction of the database is led by Qinghai University with participation from Tibet University, Xizang Minzu University, Chinese Academy of Sciences University and Fudan University.

According to report from China News Service, the database is divided into two entity databases (a Xining database and Lhasa database), a backup database (Xianyang database), and an information database (Xining database). It is planned to be completed by the year 2020.

The project will create China's first human genetic resources sample database platform for people on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau and share information with the Management Platform of Human Genetic Resources of China. It will provide resource support for the protection, management, and research of unique human resources for people on the plateau. It will also provide support for the analysis of genetic characteristics of highland population and will be significant for researching and conducting the prevention and treatment of different highland diseases.