Green is the brightest happy color in Qinghai

"Twenty-eight years ago, Nanbei Mountain in Xining used to have a forestation rate of 7.2%, now, it's 75%. Some may doubt the number, but you can see for yourself when you go to Xining," said a senior official from northwest China's Qinghai Province at a news conference.

Wang Guosheng, Secretary of the Qinghai Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), introduced that in the last five years, Qinghai has launched more than 40 ecological reform plans, including setting up the public interest positions on ecological management to allow herding families  earn more through better ecology, comprehensively implementing the plan for ecological functional area to include nearly 90% areas of Qinghai as the ecological area for strictly preservation and establishing the Sanjiangyuan National Park Management Bureau, consisted of the management committee for the Yangtze River source, Yellow River source and Lancang River source……  and after years of exploration, Qinghai has created a path of ecological preservation suited to its provincial  conditions.

"Nowadays in Qinghai, mountains are more beautiful, and the sky and water is clearer, and green has become the brightest happy color in Qinghai," he said.