Qinghai ensures bilingual education in Tibetan-inhabited areas

In order to promote sound educational development in its Tibetan-inhabited areas, Qinghai Province has put effort into compiling 130 Tibetan-language teaching materials (a total of 27,283,500 words) within the last five years, ensuring bilingual teaching demand for more than 3,000 Tibetan middle and primary schools.

These 130 Tibetan-language teaching materials contain 13 subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, English, physical education, arts, etc. and cover eight kinds of major teaching materials including textbooks and teaching manuals.

In addition, Qinghai Ethnic Textbook Compilation Center also compiled Chinese conversation textbooks for Tibetan primary school students, bilingual teacher training manuals, and teaching materials for Tibetan kindergarten and preschool students.

According to incomplete statistics, in more than 30 years, the Qinghai Ethnic Textbook Compilation Center has compiled more than 1,800 kinds of Tibetan -language textbooks (nearly 200 million words), used by more than 3,000 schools with over 800,000 Tibetan middle and primary school students.