Scripture inscription drawings exhibition opens in Lhasa

A panorama inside the “Inheritance and Innovation: Scripture Inscription Drawings” exhibition room.

Recently, an art exhibition titled “Inheritance and Innovation: Plateau Scripture Inscription Drawings”, which was organized by the Tibet Literary Federation and the Tibet Culture Department, officially opened at the Tibet Community Art Center. The exhibition lasted until September 27.

This exhibition displayed a collection of paintings from the Ye Xingsheng Artistic Creation Research Institute at the China Tibetology Research Center that has been compiled over the last three years, in which mani stone carvings and wood carving inscription paintings were integrated with traditional thangka and Chinese ink paintings. The pieces reflect the exchange of Tibetan and Chinese art as well as the inheritance and innovation of classical art works.

The exhibition room.

Stone inscriptions are an ancient form of artistic expression from Tibet that integrate sculpture and painting. Artists generally engrave Buddhist scriptures, six-word mantras, and Buddhist images on slate, stone, or pebble materials.