Qinghai: fast and furious in the desert

On July 4th, a cross-country rallying event, part of the 3rd Guinan County ATV Cultural Tourism Festival, took place at Muguitan Desert in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province. A total of 126 cross-country players from 12 provinces and cities across China gathered in Guinan to compete in the event, a desert version of “Fast and Furious.”

This rally has both a professional and mass production category. The track is circular, features varying terrains, and has a total length of 80 km, which requires more of the competitors’ skills and experience.

In order to meet the ecological protection initiative of Guinan County, this track is entirely in the desert and free of any greenery.

The unique allure of this cross-country rally has attracted players from across China, many of whom are professionals who have performed in the Taklimakan Rally, the China Grand Rally, and other top rally events of China. Su Baoheng, a champion player from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said, “I came here to win. This is my third time at the Muguitan Cross-Country Rally, and I feel great. The Muguitan Desert is very challenging, it has energized me. I want to perform well here. “

“Muguitan Desert is small but intricate, it has multiple sand swirls with good connectivity. This kind of terrain is very challenging for players’ skills.” Said Zhou Bin, the director of the rally. Because the desert is so unique, Guinan County has widely promoted the event in China’s ATV racing community, which has also helped to promote the tourism industry in the county.