Visitors from European countries prefer northwest China's Qinghai

According to the Qinghai Economical and Social Trends Analysis and Predictions of 2018, a blue book released by the Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences (QHASS) on January 17th, northwest China's Qinghai Province is a top tourist destination for tourists from France, Germany, and Britain. 

The blue book revealed that European tourists contributed to the high number of international tourists to Qinghai, with French, German, and British visitors at consistently high levels. Tourists from these three countries are strongly interested in visiting Qinghai and are stable in their preference.

Data from the blue book revealed that for Qinghai Province in the last 16 years, the annual number of overseas tourists has jumped from 32.6 thousand to 70.1 thousand, a growth of 2.15 times. Tourism income has also increased from 7.2 million to 44.16 million Dollars each year, a growth of 6.13 times.

Qinghai boasts top tourist attractions such as the Qinghai Lake, the Ta'er Monastery and the Sanjiangyuan National Park, and unique ethnic customs.