Nepalese tour guides receive training on China’s Tibet

Nearly 60 Nepalese tour guides received training on knowledge of China’s Tibet in a program organized by the China Tibetology Research Center on June 8. The tour guides were all selected by the Nepalese Arniko Society.

Four Chinese scholars made detailed introduction about history and current situation of Tibet, Tibet’s social and economic development, reincarnation in Tibetan Buddhism, and traditional Tibetan thangka painting, hoping that the students would gain a comprehensive and correct understanding of China’s Tibet.

An Qiyi, deputy secretary-general of the center, said that tour guides would always have a great influence on tourists, and Nepalese tour guides could play a major and positive role in sharing their knowledge about China’s Tibet.

In Nepal, religious tourism is an important part of its tourism industry. If visitors to Nepal want to understand Tibetan Buddhism, China’s Tibet cannot be avoided. However, due to various factors, local guides actually do not have comprehensive knowledge of this field, and sometimes they make mistakes. Therefore, the training program will be useful to remedy this.