Tibetan expert wins "Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine" title

On June 29, Professor Nyima, honorary president and chief physician at Qinghai Tibetan Medicine Hospital was awarded the title of "Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine " at an honoring ceremony held by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of China.

The 84-year-old Professor Nyima has been working in Chinese and Tibetan Medicine for over 60 years and is a lifelong member of the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has been awarded the title of "Qinghai Province Outstanding Expert”, "Qinghai Province Prestigious Doctor"and others. He was the first to propose using Tibetan medicine’s classic ancient recipes and to create and promote Tibetan medicine's external therapies. This has led to a breakthrough in Tibetan medicine's diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and left some extremely valuable academic ideas and diagnostic and treatment experience for Tibetan medicine industry.

In 2008, the first "Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine"selection work was officially launched, and this year marks the third event, which selected a total of 30 "Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Those honored with the title were all provincial-level prestigious doctors or guide teachers for inheriting the academic experience of  traditional Chinese medicine. They have all been engaged in Traditional Chinese medicine (ethnic medicine) for more than 50 years.