Sound of spring in ancient city of Lhasa

The morning glow after a spring snowfall in the ancient city of Lhasa.

Annual spring ploughing and planting ceremony in Ma Village, Ma Town, Doilungdeqen District, Lhasa.

The first seed is planted in the field.

Local farmers in Niedang Township, Quxu County weed vegetables in a greenhouse.

Spring tree pruning work

Lhasa Pen Hu Park after a spring snowfall.

Staff of the Jieda Garden Company in Chengguan District carry out spring replanting in urban areas.

Intangible heritage Repa dance performed in Dzongyab Lukhang Park.

The ancient city of Lhasa is full of vitality.  

“As soon as I got off the plane, I felt that the air in Lhasa was very good. I saw locals singing and dancing in such a beautiful park. It was lively and peaceful. In the past few days, my partner and I have felt that Lhasa’s medical care, transportation, and urban sanitation have developed particularly well. It’s amazing to enjoy the breath of spring in such a holy place,” Wang Dong, a tourist from Beijing, said cheerfully.