Tibet’s foreign trade import and export in 2020 totals 2.133 billion yuan

A few days ago, reporters learned from Lhasa Customs that the total value of Tibet’s foreign trade import and export in 2020 reached 2.133 billion yuan, in which Export accounts for 1.294 billion yuan and import 839 million yuan.

In terms of foreign trade structure, general trade in Tibet has surpassed small border trade as the most important mode of trade. General trade import and export are 1.101 billion yuan, while small border trade import and export are 967 million yuan. General trade and small border trade together account for 96.9 percent of the total value of foreign trade.

In terms of trading partners, Nepal is still the largest trade partner of Tibet, with a trade value of 1.061 billion yuan, accounting for 49.7 percent of the region’s foreign trade value; trade with Russia and the United States has grown rapidly 254 million yuan with the United States and 132 million yuan with Russia, an increase of 44.3 percent 9.66 times respectively.

In terms of cities and regions, the Lhasa Economic Development Zone has become a growth highlight, with a trade value of 738 million yuan, increasing 11 percent. Lhasa’s foreign trade value was 1.595 billion yuan, Nagchu’s was 253 million yuan, and Shigate’s was 229 million yuan. Chamdo and Nyingchi achieved growth increases of 7.2 and 2.6 times respectively.