Potala Palace launches live broadcast of Yogurt Festival

A live broadcast of the ongoing Shoton Festival, also known as Yogurt Festival was launched in the Norbulingka, the summar palace of the Dalai lamas by the Potala Palace on August 20.

Relying on the Taobao live streaming platform, the Polata Palace aims to introduce local customs and Tibetan culture, such as Tibetan opera to people interested in Tibet all over the world.

From last year, the Potala Palace Cultural and Creative Industry Co.,Ltd has made efforts to alive Tibetan culture by checking into the Tmall platform. The company has produced and sold products like cultural and creative items, garment accessories and adornments online.

In a cultural and creative product shop in the Norbulingka, visitors are choosing the products. “The shop and the products can help us learn about local culture. It is really good. I can buy some souvenirs and would recall the time in Tibet some time later.” Ning Tingting, a visitor from South China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region said.