Tibet makes progress in compulsory education


Pupils at Qamdo Municipal Experimental Primary School in Qamdo, Tibet autonomous region. [Photo provided to China Daily]

China's Tibet autonomous region has been gaining significant achievements with its nine-year compulsory education over the last decade, China Tibet News reported on Wednesday. 

According to official statistics, the illiteracy rate among young and middle-aged adults fell to 1.2 percent from 39 percent in 2000, and the average number of years people receive education rose to more than seven years from less than four years circa 2000.

According to the region's database of school-aged children between 0 and 15, dropouts have been almost eradicated.

According to the data, the region had 12,062 children younger than 15 who had dropped out or were deprived by the end of July this year.

A dropout control notification by the region's education authority was issued to the region's cities and prefectures, and contracts have been signed with relevant institutes over responsibility on dropouts.

At present, most of the 12,062 children have all expressed a willingness to resume schooling or have already returned to school, and dropouts from these children have been almost eradicated.