Tibet records highest number of college graduates

LHASA, Aug. 20 (Xinhua) -- The number of college graduates in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region reached 23,616 in 2019, a record high, according to the regional human resources and social security department.

So far, 67 percent of them have found jobs with the help of 16 big job fairs held by the department.

On Tuesday, another job fair for college graduates was held in the regional capital of Lhasa with more than 300 employers, providing about 3,900 jobs for the college graduates.

The employers are mainly big state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, offering jobs in the fields of education, finance, marketing, Tibetan medicine, administrative management, engineering, financial accounting, computer network engineering and more.

Tibet achieved a gross domestic product growth rate of 9 percent in the first half year, ranking second among provincial-level economies in China, which has greatly activated the market employment potential.

In addition to seeking jobs offered by government and big enterprises, graduates can also try their luck in entrepreneurship. The regional human resources and social security department launched the first entrepreneurship incubation base in December last year for attracting college graduates who are natives of Tibet to set up small and micro businesses.

The base encourages entrepreneurship in technology research and development, software development, cultural creativity and e-commerce, among other fields.