Commemorative stamps on highways to Tibet issued

On August 10, the "65th Anniversary of the Completion of the Sichuan-Tibet and Qinghai-Tibet Highways" commemorative stamps were officially issued.

It includes a set of two commemorative stamps, and the name of design pattern is called Sichuan-Tibet Highway and Qinghai-Tibet Highway respectively. The full set of stamps has a face value of two yuan (0.285 US dollars).

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway begins in Chengdu while the Qinghai-Tibet Highway begins in Xining. Both highways end in Lhasa and were opened to traffic on the same day on December 25, 1954 and have a total length of 4,360 kilometers. The completion and opening of both highways was a major achievement for China. Under difficult conditions, more than 100,000 soldiers and civilians created a miracle in the highway building of the world, ending the history of lack of road accessibility to Tibet.

According to Yu Yong, a designer of the commemorative stamps, the set of stamps was designed using computer illustrations. The first image shows the Xingkang Bridge, with a sculpture for maintenance workers to the side. The second image is centered on the "First Highway Maintenance Squad in the World" stone tablet, with the Tanggula Mountain Pass stone tablet and images of Tibetan antelope to the side, combing with images of busy vehicles.