First hospital combining Tibetan medical treatment and old-age care put into use

It was reported that the first hospital combining Tibetan medical treatment and old-age care in China has been built and put into use on July 10 in the Xining (National-Level) Economic and Technological Development Zone Biological Park in northwest China's Qinghai Province .

The hospital covers an area of 16,000 square meters and provides 200 rooms for elderly care and 500 beds. It can be used as a nursing home while also for those accepting traditional Tibetan medicine treatments. The project adopts a new model of "integration of medicine and old-age care", and it is a comprehensive institution of "nursing home plus Tibetan hospital".

Zeng Yun, director of the China Chinese Medicine Administration Industrial Platform Division, said: "Tibetan medicine in Qinghai has its own advantages. Through the integration of medicinal materials processing, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan hospitals, and medical and old-age care services, it can promote the inheritance and innovation of Tibetan medicine and improve the Tibetan medical service system."