110 new energy buses to be put into operation in Lhasa

On June 29, it was learned from the Lhasa City Bus Operation Co., Ltd in southwest China's Tibet that 110 new energy buses will soon be launched in Lhasa and are expected to be put into operation in early July.

According to Liao Bin, deputy director of the Lhasa Municipal Public Transport Operation Co., Ltd. Information Technology Department, the 110 new energy buses are gas-electric hybrid buses. When they travel at a speed below 30 km/h, the electric-power generators are used. When the speed rises above 30 km/h, they will be powered by natural gas engines.

It was reported that there are more than 500 buses currently operating in Lhasa. The 110 new energy buses will add to the 310 new energy buses already in operation, so that there will be a total of 420 new energy buses in Lhasa. This will account for over 80 percent of all Lhasa's buses as public transport tends towards new energy.