Film showed in Lhasa special education school

A movie showing event was held in the Lhasa Special Education School by the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) Library in Lhasa on May 17, with 200 students and teachers participating in the event.

The movie Wolf Totem was showed, unlike regular films, this film has voiceover and sign language interpretation to meet the needs of the visually- and hearing-impaired students at the school, which was well-received by the audience.

The TAR Library also gave 100 books for the blind and 220 children’s book to the special education school, with the hope that the gift would provide mental enrichment to the students.

Tseten Butri, the director of the TAR Library, said that the library is expected to cooperates with Lhasa special education school to strive to bring more students to the library, making them enjoy reading, and helping to cultivate a habit of reading.