Old photos: advance troops entering Tibet in early 1950s

On January 6, 1950, under the order of the Southwest Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the 18th Army of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) marched into Tibet with cooperation from the 14th Army and the Northwest Military Region. The 154th Regiment of the 52nd Division of the 18th Army was sent as the advance troops, with Qie Jinwu serving as the leader of the 154th Regiment, and Yang Jun serving as its political commissar.   


On March 27, 1950, the 154th Regiment of the 52nd Division, the advance troops of the 18th Army for entering Tibet, held an oath-taking rally at Leshan Mountain, with its political commissar Yang Jun leading the troops to take the oath. 


The advance troops left Leshan Mountain on March 29, 1950.


In July 1950, the 154th Regiment built the first wooden boat which can carry vehicles across the Jinsha River.


On February 22, 1951, Qie Jinwu, leader of the 154th Regiment of the 18th Army (left) and political commissar of the regiment Yang Jun (right) took a photo. 


On August 11, 1951, just before leaving Luolongzong, troops bid farewell to local headmen and monk officials from Yizhang Monastery. From left: Hong Zhenhuan, Headman Langduo, Qie Jinwu, Yang Jun, Lama Haban Dengzhen, and translator Wang Kejin.


On August 11, 1951, Qie Jinwu, Hong Zhenhuan and Yang Jun took a group photo in a pea field in Luolongzong.


In August 1951, members of the 154th Regiment shared the joy of harvest in the barley fields.


In 1951, before marching into Lhasa, the publicity team of the 154th Regiment took a group photo in Luolongzong.


On October 20, 1951, members of the advance troops to Tibet took a group photo in Dechen.


On November 18, 1951, regiment leader Qie Jinwu (right) and political commissar Yang Jun (left) took a photo with Lama Baiji of Gyantse Lama Monastery.


On November 22, 1951, the advance troops to Tibet hold the first tea party with the upper classes of Gyantse. After discussions and consultations, they solved issues relating to army procurements and opening up wasteland. Photo shows all participants at the meeting. Third from right in the first row is Yang Jun, and fourth from right in the first row is Qie Jinwu.


In December 1951, the 154th Regiment held a celebratory meeting beneath the famed Gyantse Dzong of Tibet.