Lhasa collective creation space attaches importance to traditional culture

The Tibet “Belt and Road” Collective Creation Space is located on the 10th floor of the No.1 Lhasa Liuwu International Headquarters Building. In January 2019, it was officially selected for a list of Lhasa technology business incubators, becoming the Lhasa technology incubator base. In the experiential exhibition area of the collective creation space, we can see Shangshung jewelry accessories, high-end yak leather goods, cloth bags, innovative ceramics, and other items, among which, the fresh presence and exquisite craftsmanship of yak leather products have made deep impression on us.

Chen Ling, the founder of the Tibet “Belt and Road” Collective Creation Space, told reporters, “Due to the low output of our yak leather bags, we are currently only able to supply within China. Processing yak leather is very difficult and the yield is low. For example, this bag is basically made of a whole piece of leather. What’s more, we need to carry out different manufacturing processes for yak leather in four to five different provinces and cities.”

At present, the Tibet “Belt and Road” Collective Creation Space incubation products and brands have acquired nearly 100 intellectual property rights. It also cooperates with a number of culture and technology companies to jointly collaborate on and develop products. Integrating ancient Tibetan civilization with today’s culture and technology has greatly enriched Tibet’s middle- and high-end tourism and cultural products. This has truly enabled the ethnic culture and technology industries of Tibet to both open up and develop.