New Year Celebrations bedecked with jewels

Every year, people of all nationalities in China wear new clothes to celebrate the New Year, and Tibetans are no exception. Generally speaking, from the second day of the Tibetan New Year, Tibetans will wear special costumes to visit their relatives and friends. In addition to beautiful Tibetan costumes, women will also wear their most precious jewelry.

Tibetan jewelry has quietly changed along with the development of times. It has become lighter and easier to wear but still retains the classic Tibetan style. The materials used include gold, coral, dzi beads, and turquoise. Elegance continues to be the most classic Tibetan style. In recent years, styles of Tibetan jewelry have become more modern, and jewelry can be worn on multiple occasions, and is no longer constrained by clothing.

A Tibetan-style necklace.

Tibetan-style red coral set: a necklace and bracelet.

A coral jewelry set.

A gold and red coral earring.

A Tibetan-style gold ring.

Tibetan-style red coral and pure silver ring.

A Tibetan-style gold niche for Buddha.

A Tibetan-style gold pendant.