Winter Olympics dream of a Tibetan shepherd

If it wasn’t for a school selection five years ago, the Tibetan girl named Nyima Yangchen currently skiing around on the snowfield might still be “in charge” of more than 80 yaks.

In 2013, the Chamdo Sports School recruited students in the local area. Nyima Yangchen, who has outstanding physical fitness, was selected as a track and field athlete and began to study culture classes and major in track and field at the school.

In July 2018, Nyima Yangchen was selected as a snowboarder for the national training team by the General Administration of Sport of China. During her spare time, Nyima Yangchen and several of her fellow Tibetans danced Tibetan dances for as long as three or four hours. “Playing Tibetan music in our dorm room, it felt like we have come back home.”

Ngawang Tashi, head of the Tibet Winter Project, said that the Tibet Autonomous Region started the Winter Project in 2016. To date, they have 11 cross-country skiers and 13 downhill skiers. In the past two years, they have won two gold medals, five silver medals, and six bronze medals in various competitions at home and abroad.

“My dream is to go stand on the snowfield of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and achieve even higher honors for the China team,” Nyima said.