“Heavenly Tibet” post office sells well

A postcard-writing area, a postal products self-selection area, a souvenirs sales area, lounge... In the “Heavenly Tibet“ post office, Tibetan cultural elements are everywhere.

An employee at the “Heavenly Tibet“ post office said, “There are many tourists buying postcards and souvenirs every day. We even have tourists visiting at 9 o’clock pm.” Even after returning home, many tourists would call the post office and inquire about shipping services for their products.

In 2017, a post office at the world’s highest-altitude, “Heavenly Tibet -- the Mt. Qomolangma Post Office,” was officially in operation at the Mt. Qomolangma basecamp in Shigatse. In July of 2018, the post office was renovated and upgraded to greet visitors. After the renovation, many more regional Tibetan elements were added. In addition to providing specialized postcards, collectible stamps, and postal stamp cachets, express shipping services are also enabled. The post office is only operational from April 15th through October 15th of every year.