Damxung yak meat with "identification card" sell in Lhasa

Damxung, which means "good place to choose" in Tibetan, is located to the north of Lhasa in the central part of the Tibet Autonomous Region of China.

Known as "the pearl of northern Tibet", it is the only purely nomadic county in Lhasa and has rich cultural resources in the animal husbandry industry.

On May 12, a store featuring the Damxung County yak meat "identification card" store was officially opened in Lhasa.

"Identification card" yak meat refers to a program established by the Damxung County Government, wherein they have implanted microchips in the ears of each yak, establishing a "one file for per animal" repository to track immunization and data on yaks. It can also be used to trace the growth of yaks and monitor yak movements to protect those reared in Damxung.

Yak meat from Damxung County has long been famous and has become a national protected geographical indication product, successfully passing the "SC" certification.

Being raised on the vast grassland has created the purely natural, tasteful and high-quality Damxung yak meat.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that Damxung County actively explores new marketing methods and has adopted an "Internet + company + breeding base + customer" model to push offline experiences and online sales.

In three weeks, online sales have reached more than 110,000 yuan (17,270 US dollars).

Tang Chengliang, head of Lhasa sales for the Damxung Pure Land Yak Meat Industry, said, "we insist on combining online sales and offline experiences in our marketing promotions, and online sales have achieved outstanding results. The Damxung Yak meat store was established to give back and make things more convenient for our customers. Right now, most of the products are agricultural and livestock products. Next, we plan to further launch a series of products to better satisfy customers' requirements."