Tibet high-altitude international mountain cycling race to begin

Race map of the 6th annual Basum Co International Mountain Cycling Race  

The three-day annual Basum Co International Mountain Cycling Race would begin on April 30th, which is the 6th of its kind. The race is held by the Sports Administration of Tibet Autonomous Region and Nyingchi Prefecture.

The Basum Co International Mountain Cycling Race was rated a level-A amateur cycling event of China by a professional competition evaluation website in 2017, and is the only international cycling event within Tibet.

Past competitors from abroad

The race has been held for five times since 2013, and it will be held in the only Level 5A ecological scenic district in Tibet, the Basum Co National Park. The race will feature a 30-km round-the-lake track and a 69-km valley track. Both tracks will encompass multiple road types in a mountain-valley environment. The tracks will also cross the most representative scenic areas and terrains, offering the right kind of mountain cycling difficulty, proper technical challenge, as well as scenic enjoyment.

Past female competitors

The race is divided into the categories of Men’s, Women’s, and Beginners’, and will have 130 competitors.