Images capture Tibet's springtime beauty


Pilgrims hike past the holy mountain of Nangkaba. It takes about a week to walk the last 400 kilometers, the final leg of their holy journey to Lhasa. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Pilgrims walking on a mountain top appearing to be level with clouds in the distance. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Pilgrims walk on the road to Lhasa in a scene accented with beautiful peach blossoms. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Clouds wrap around the top of a mountain in the background as pilgrims walk past a peach tree full of the soft, beautiful color its blossoms. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Farmers work in a field in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


A snow-capped mountain and peach blossoms enhance the beauty of this scene in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


A woman pauses under the flowering branch of a peach tree.[Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Pilgrims cross a desert. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Cyclists make their way to Lhasa. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


The road to Lhasa is a harsh one for pilgrims, but beautiful peach flowers help make the journey easier to bear. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]


Breathtaking spring scenery is seen along the the Yarlung Zangbo River in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. [Photo by Hu Guoqing/]

Hu Guoqing is an award-winning photographer and member of the China Photographers Association.

His work, Flowers Blossom in April, captures the beautiful spring scenery in Nyingchi in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region in late March and early April 2017.

As Hu traveled along the 318 National Road in Nyingchi, he met all kinds of people, such as pilgrims to Lhasa, hikers and cyclists, who became the subjects of his photos.

Peach flowers and people in focus create a beautiful and harmonious picture.