Tibetan students win first prize at science video festival

Three Tibetan junior high school students from the Bayi Middle School of Nyingchi in southwest China's Tibet won the first prize and several other prizes for their micro film A Bowl of Butter Tea at the 8th China Adolescents Science Video Festival concluded in Hohhot, capital city of north China's Inner Mongolia.

The film tells the story of the leading character Dorje and his new Han classmate Li Song. Dorje invites Li Song to his house, and his mother pours a bowl of butter tea for Li Song, but Li Song spits it out after one mouthful, which sparks the ensuing conflict between Dorje and Li Song. Li Song is puzzled by Dorje's behavior, so he goes to the school library to check some information. On the book shelves Li Song found the Tibetan medical masterpiece the Four Tantras, compiled by Yuthok Yonten Gonpo, and came to understand the virtues of butter tea, as well as the influence it has on the lives of Tibetan people and the etiquette associated with butter tea when being entertained by Tibetan people. Dorje's mother also urges Dorje not to treat his classmate like that, and after reaching a mutual understanding the two become friends again.

It is understood that the film's directing, filming, video editing and acting were all completed by the three Tibetan students Thubten Dondrup, Tamdrin Ngodrup and Tsering Wangyel.