Tibet sees further opening up to the outside world

From August 30 onwards, apart from Chinese and Nepalese people, people from a third country are able to enter and exit via the Gyirong- Rasuwa Port with valid documents.

The expansion and opening up of the Gyirong- Rasuwa Port is an important measure for building an open channel between China and South Asia, and for increasing Tibet's opening up to the outside world, as well as for promoting economic and social development in Tibet.

Wu Qingwen, from Chongzhou in southwest China's Sichuan, is a big border trader at Gyirong Town. Wu Qingwen has been trading for more than ten years in Tibet and in recent years he has settled in Gyirong, because he attaches a lot of importance to the bright prospects for border trade development. 

Luolin, from Kathmandu in Nepal, has been running a Nepalese restaurant in Gyirong for five years. Luolin was originally involved in tour guide work and says he likes China a lot. He also gets on very well with the Gyirong locals and hopes to see further development in Gyirong.

Gyirong is located in the river valley of the southern Himalayas. It is not only an important port for land transport between China and Nepal, but also boasts a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, and is a border town with a unique cultural background. It has a relatively low altitude and is suitable for growing evergreen shrubs such as azalea. Every year in April and May visitors are left intoxicated by the mountains covered in pink and white azaleas.