Chinese-Tibetan Dictionary of New Terminology expected to be published next year

The final review meeting for the Chinese-Tibetan Dictionary of New Terminology was held from September 18 to 19 in Lhasa, capital city of southwest China's Tibet autonomous region.

The new terminology in the dictionary was all collected, translated and authorized over the last 20 years by the Committee for Standardizing New Tibetan Terminology of Tibet autonomous region.

It includes around ten thousand entries from a number of different fields including politics, economics, education, science and technology, network information, social language and others.

In recent years the committee released a bulletin announcing nearly ten thousand new terms, which received widespread approval.

The Chinese-Tibetan Dictionary of New Terminology is made up of these terms that have been further standardized and authorized.

It has practical significance and a far-reaching impact in relation to promoting the standardized translation and unified application of new words, and promoting the establishment of a standardized, normalized and information-based Tibetan language.

It is reported that the dictionary will be officially published next year.