Tibet unveils 243rd Hope Primary School

Thanks to support from the Tibet Youth Development Foundation and Shigatse Prefecture Sagya County Government and donations from certain compassionate enterprises, the Sagya County Xiongmai Township Hope Primary School was officially unveiled recently, marking the completion of the 243rd Hope primary school, part of the Tibet Hope Project.

Xiongmai Township Central Primary School is 52 kilometers away from the town of Sagya. Located about 4,500 meters above sea level, the school is limited by environmental conditions and transportation inconveniences. The infrastructure of the school was weak, and teaching and living materials were in short supply. The school had a hard time supporting the needs of nearly 300 schoolchildren from seven nearby villages.

After learning about their situation, the Delixi Electric Company invested 400,000 Yuan in establishing new teaching and auxiliary spaces equipped with modernized teaching equipment and a library. The new school area comprises an area of 743.94 square meters and can accommodate 283 students.

Chen Jun, head of the Tibet Youth Development Foundation, said that since the Hope Project began in Tibet in 1992, there have been 243 primary schools built throughout the region, which has greatly assisted the development of education in remote areas.